Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Coupons!!

The beginning of the month is reset time for most of the printable coupon sites. Coupons .com has reset. Click on the Coupons bar at the right side of my blog to see all the great coupons for back-to-school (Chex Mix, yogurts, cereal, and much more). Also, take a peak at Red Plum for more coupons. You can find even more coupons ready to print on the Smartsource site. A little tip for you is to try several zipcodes to get a larger variety of coupons. Try 90210, 77379, 63090 and of course your own zip code.

Here are some links to the ecoupon sites. These are sites that you load electronic coupons to your shoppers card(Randalls, Krogers, CVS, etc.). - can be added to your shoppers card or sent to your cellphone. I have mine put on my shoppers card.

P & G esaver - has your coupons for P & G products that you know and love. - sign-up to save for college with loadable coupons that go into an account for college all for free.


  1. Hi Tammy:)
    just dropping in to say, hi and thanks for the updates on the new coupons! I'm pretty excited
    about the 5 coupon inserts we're getting this weekend!Have a great day:)

  2. Hey Puanani503,

    Glad you stopped by today. I can hardly wait to get into my inserts from today. I only bought 4 papers today. After I go through them and really look at the Qs, I will decide whether or not to buy a few more.

    Look forward to seeing you again,


  3. 90210? I'm laughing just remembering the 90s.