Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Ready For Kroger Super Doubles!

I have been M.I.A. for the past few days because of Super Double Manufacturer's Coupons at Kroger in the Texas and Louisiana markets. To prepare for this sale, I have gone through all my coupons and pulled high values that don't normally double(55cent to $1). While I was pulling these coupons I checked expiration dates and pulled all expired coupons. This helps keep my file more manageable. I have also printed all printable coupons available at these sites and loaded all ecoupons to my Kroger card. Using a combo of these two types of coupons should provide huge savings. You can go here for a list of all these sites.

I have gone to Kroger a couple of times this week to pick up milk and fresh produce. While I was there, I checked prices for some of the things that I have coupons for. I have also checked the google document that ZM has put together on HCW to see what's going to be free or very cheap during this sale. Everyone here in Texas is really excited about this sale. We haven't had doubles up to and including $1 in a very long time. They are limiting coupons to one like. I'm hoping the sale lives up to all the hype, all of us have been giving it.

If you live here in the Spring area, I hope to see you all having fun. Remember to pack your patience since the checkers are likely to get frustrated with all the coupons. Also, be prepared to wait lines will be long. My hope is that Kroger is as prepared as all of us.

Happy Bargain Hunting!!

And remember, "Pay it Forward."

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