Saturday, June 27, 2009

CVS Brag

Today, I went to CVS and purchased all these items:

20 Soy Joy bars
5 boxes Always Infinity Pads (36 ct)
2 Aveeno Positively Ageless Suncare sprays
1 Aveeno Positively Ageless Lotion
2 Nivea SOS Lip

for only $4.09

Here's how I did it.

Transaction #1

20 Soy Joy bars=$20

used these coupons
-$4/$20 CRT
-2-$2/10 Manufactuer coupons
-$10 ECB

Total OOP=$2
earned $20 ECB

Transaction #2

5 Always Infinity Pads=$24.95
2 Aveeno PA sprays=$18
1 Aveeno PA lotion=$9
2 Nivea SOS lip=$2(clearanced)

total before coupons=$53.95

used these coupons
-2-$.50 Nivea MQ
-3-$2 Aveeno Positively Ageless MQ
-5-$4 Always Infinity MQ
-$5/$30 CRT (give this one first)
-$20 ECB earned from transaction one

total OOP=$2.09 (.14 was for tax)
earned $10 ECB

I will be donating the Soy Joy bars to friends and family who like them.

Want to see more CVS savings? Visit the "Cents"ible Sawyer's CVS Superstars!

Please remember to, "Pay it Forward."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Restaurant Gift Certificates for 80% Off

I got an email today to receive restaurant gift certificates for 80% off until June 25th. I have purchased and used gift certificates from before and enjoyed the huge discount. You can receive 80% off your gift certificates too, just enter the Discount Code: DISH at checkout and hit the Apply button.

I hope Y'all enjoy this as much as I do, and remember, "Pay it Forward."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eggo Bake Shop For Only 50 Cents

Today, my daughter and I went to Target to pick up a few items. Our main objective however was to buy seven boxes of Eggo Bake Shop Muffins for only 50 cents per box. How were we able to do this you might be thinking. I'll tell you how, we went to and printed $1 off coupons for Eggo Bake Shop products. You can print 2 coupons per computer, I have two computers so I can print 4. I already had 3 coupons printed from, please use my sidebar link if you want those coupons too. Most of these sites will let you print 2 coupons per computer. I paid a total of $3.50 for 7 boxes that would normally cost me around $15.75.

I also used the Target coupon generator @ to print coupons for $1 off strawberries, $.75 off of bread, and $.50 off lettuce. You can use manufacturer coupons with the Target coupons for big savings. This is called stacking coupons and is perfectly legal. You may only use one manufacturer coupon per item, but you can use a target coupon with it.

Remember to, "Pay if Forward."

Monday, June 22, 2009


I've only been using SwagBucks for my searches for about a month now and I already have 28 swagbucks. You can purchase cool things with your swagbucks, giftcards are my favorite. They have a huge selection of prizes and you can use it as much or as little as you like. If people join thru a link put on your page you will get credit for the swagsbucks that they earn too, definitely a win, win situation. It's quick, it's easy. So if you want to join, please use the link that I have provided.

Thanks so Much!!

And remember to, "Pay it Forward."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

CVS Paid Me

Today I went to CVS and bought 20 Soy Joy bars, 1 bag of Starbucks French Roast Coffee, and 6 Sobe Life waters for only 26 cents oop(out of pocket). Here's how I did it:

20 Soy Joy bars for $1 each = $20
1 bag Starbucks coffee = $6.99
6 Sobe Life waters on sale BOGO = $4.77

total = $31.76

Use these coupons to pay:

$5/$30 CRT (from scanning my CVS card at scanner)
5 BOGO manufacturer coupons from 5-31-09 Smartsource inserts
1- $1.50 IP manufacturer coupon for Starbucks coffee
2- $10 ECB

total coupons =$31.5o

and I paid the remaining $.26 and received $20 ECB to spend next time.

The Soy Joy deal is purchase 4 bars for $1 each and receive a $4 ECB for your future purchase.
You can do this deal up to 5 times.

This is Tammy in Texas reminding you to, "Pay it Forward."

Target and Paying it Forward

Yesterday, I went to Target to pick up some Ben & Jerry's icecream for the $5 gift card deal. While I was there I picked up a few other great deals. Dawn Pure Essentials dish soap for 59 cents after $1.5o coupon and strawberries for 99 cents after $1 off target coupon. While cruising the isles I gave a lady with 3 young kids 2- $1 off coupons for Hostess donuts and one of my $1 off target coupons for strawberries. As I was going toward the checkouts a lady passing out samples of Ben & Jerry's icecream asked me if I had coupons for the Ben & Jerry's icecream in my cart. I told her I only had 2 for the 5 in my cart. She said she would give me 5 target coupons for 75 cents off each one and some extras for later.

Now that, my friends, is what I call coupon karma.

When I got to the checkouts, a young man in front of me was standing in line with just a small bottle of dish soap. I asked him if he would rather have one of the big bottles from my cart along with the $1.50 coupon that went with it. You should have seen his When the cashier checked him out and told him that he only owed 64 cents, they were both surprised. He turned around and smiled at me and said, "Thank You!"

Just one more example of paying it forward.

I hope Y'all have a splendid day and remember, "Pay it Forward."