Thursday, September 17, 2009

How We Deal With Moving

It is truly hard to uproot your family and go somewhere you've never been. I have officially moved my family 4 times since 9-11 and no we are not military. We are in the burger business. God has been very good to us. I have two children and my oldest was in 1st grade when we started all this. She is now a freshman in high school. I always told my children and everyone who asked "How do you do it?" "We grow where we are planted."

My children have seen many things and places that they might not have if we would have stayed put in Texas. We moved to Gilbert, AZ first and so they have been to the Grand Canyon. They have also been to San Diego and San Francisco. We use to drive everywhere when we lived in Houston, Texas. And it would take us a day just to get out of Texas, so I don't believe we would have ever ventured to California. They have also lived near the beach in Corpus Christi because of one of these moves. And we have lived in West Texas in the very family oriented town of Midland. We have loved all of these place and had great adventures but we are glad to be back home in Houston, Texas.

Things have come full circle for us and we are Happy were we are planted.

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