Monday, July 20, 2009

CVS: Free School Supplies!!

Yesterday I went to CVS to pick-up some free school supplies. Yes, you heard me school supplies. Here's what I was able to pick-up.

2 packs of Caliber or CVS Filler Paper, 150 sheets, at $2 ea.- free after ECB
2 packs of Paper Mate 1.2 Pens, 10 ct, $.99 ea. - free after ECB
2 Caliber or CVS Memo Book 50-80 sheets at $.99 ea. - free after ECB
1 CVS/pharmacy Pantiliners 22 ct. at $.89 - free after ECB

I also purchased:
1 multi pack of CVS spring water for $2.99
4 Giradelli individuals at register for $.33 ea.
2 packs of CVS individual nuts

I used $1 off CVS water Q
$2 off CVS gold emblem nuts
$6 ECB

My total out of pocket ended up being only $3.22 and I received back $4 ECB, $1.98 ECB, $1.98 ECB, and one for $.89.

As always, remember to "Pay it Forward."

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